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Indian Navy Coaching Chandigarh

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Indian Navy Coaching In Chandigarh

Indian Navy Coaching In Chandigarh  – Statesman Academy is the best coaching institute for Indian Navy Coaching in Chandigarh. We have the team of experienced and dynamic trainers who help students to crack the exam.

Indian navy coaching in chandigarh

About Indian Navy

The Indian Navy is a well balanced and cohesive three dimensional force, capable of operating above, on and under surface of the oceans efficiently safeguarding our national interests.

The Navy has the following three commands, each under the control of a Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief :
The Western Naval Command (Headquarters at Mumbai).

  • The Eastern Naval Command (Head quarters at Visakhapatnam)
  • The Southern Naval Command (Headquarters at Kochi)

India has a coast line of about 7500 km and an Exclusive Economic Zone(EEZ) of over 2 million sq kms. In addition, we are endowed with abundant oceanic wealth comprising a large number of island territories and vast sea bed area, over 97 % of our national trade is carried by sea routes! We must protect our natural wealth and keep our trade routes open in order to progress and per. It is therefore, imperative that India maintains a strong Navy which is always in a high state of preparedness.

The Western and the Eastern Naval Command are operational commands and exercise control over operations in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal respectively. The Southern Command is designed as the Training Command.

How to Join Indian Navy

  • Officer Entry
  • Sailor Entry


Selection & Entry
Officers recruitment is advertised through the Employment News and all important National and Regional news papers/dailies. Selection for all Permanent Commission entries, except 10 + 2 NDA and Naval Academy entry and NCC Special entry (Graduate) is through a written examination conducted by the UPSC, followed by an interview by the Service Selection Board (SSB). There is no written examination for the Short Service Commission entries. These applications are short listed as per the criteria laid down by the Naval Headquarters, Directorate of Manpower Planning & Recruitment. Selection is through merit alone.

Educational & Other Qualifications
It is mandatory that all Degrees and educational qualifications are from Educational Institutions recoginised by the competent authority in the field. Degrees/mark sheets must be original or attested by appropriate authorities, as asked for in the advertisement. No compromise/relaxation will be made on this issue. All candidates desirous of joining the Indian Navy must be physically/mentally fit as per laid down standards. Proficiency in sports, swimming and extra-curricular activities is desirable.

Medical Standards

  1. (a) Height
    The preferable height for a candidate of 18 years of age is 157 cm for males and 152 cm for females.
  2. (b) Anthropometric Measurement
    The acceptable anthropometric standard for aviation entries i.e Short Service Commission(Aviation & Observer) entry for male is as follows:-
  • Minimum Height-162.5 cm
  • Sitting Height- Minimum 81.5 cm,Maximum-96.0 cm
  • Leg Length – Minimum-99.0 cm,Maximum-120.0 cm
  • Thigh Length-Maximum-64.0
in Cms
15 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40
152 43 44 45 46 47 48 48 49 49 50 50 50 51 51
155 44 45 46 47 49 50 50 51 51 52 52 52 53 53
157 45 46 47 49 50 51 51 52 53 53 53 54 54 55
160 46 47 48 50 51 52 53 53 54 54 56 56 56 57
162 47 48 50 52 53 54 54 55 55 56 56 57 57 58
165 48 50 52 53 55 56 56 57 57 58 58 58 59 59
168 51 52 53 55 57 58 58 58 59 59 60 60 61 61
170 52 53 55 57 58 59 60 60 61 61 62 62 62 63
173 54 55 57 59 60 61 62 62 62 63 64 64 65 65
175 56 57 59 61 62 62 63 64 65 64 66 67 67 67
178 58 59 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 67 68 69 69 70
180 60 61 62 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 71 72 72
183 62 63 65 67 67 68 70 71 72 72 73 74 75 75
185 66 67 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 77 78
188 68 70 71 72 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 81
190 70 72 73 74 76 78 79 80 81 82 82 83 84
193 72 74 76 77 78 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87
195 75 77 78 79 81 82 83 85 86 87 88 89 90
NOTE :- Height and Weight as shown are for men fully stripped. The principles of average will be utilised for Calculating body Weight for in between Height
in Cms
17-18 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60
148 36 38.5 41 42.5 44 45 46.5 47 48.5 49
150 38.5 40.5 41.5 43.5 45 46 47 48 49 50
153 40.5 42 43.5 45.5 46.5 48 48.5 49.5 50.5 52
155 42 43 44.5 46 47.5 49 49.5 50 51.5 52.5
158 43 45 46.5 48 49.5 50.5 51.5 52 53 54.5
160 45 46 47.5 49 50.5 51.5 52.5 53 54 55.5
163 46 47.5 49 50.5 51.5 52.5 53 54 55.5 56.5
165 47.5 49 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58
168 49 50 52 54 55.5 57 58 59 60 61
170 50 51 53 55 56 58 59 60 61 62
173 52 53 55 56 57 59 60 61 62 63
175 53.5 55 56.5 57.5 59 60.5 62 63 64 65


Uncorrected Vision 6/6,6/9 6/12,6/12 6/60,6/60 6/60,6/60 6/9,6/9
Corrected Vision 6/6,6/6 6/6,6/6 6/6,6/12 6/6,6/12 6/6,6/6
Limits of Myopia -.75 -1.5 -3.5 -3.5 -0.75
Limits of Hypermetropia +1.5 +1.5 +3.5 +3.5 +3.0
Limits of Colour Perception I I II III II
Binocular Vision III III III II III
Uncorrected Vision without glasses 6/6,6/9 6/24,6/24 6/60,6/60
Corrected Vision with glasses 6/6,6/6 6/6,6/6 6/12,6/12
Limits of Myopia -.75 -3.5 -3.5
Limits of Hypermetropia +1.5 +3.5 +3.5
Binocular Vision III III III
Limits of Colour Perception I II II
(a)Keratorefactory surgery (LASIK) may be allowed for short service commission intake of officer in the followings categories:-

  1. (i) Observer Entry
  2. (ii) ATC Entry
  3. (iii) NAI
  4. (iv) Law
  5. (v) Logistics
  6. (vi) Education
  7. (vii) Graduate Entry Technical
  8. (viii) Naval Constructor /Architect
(b) LASIK may be allowed subject to the following conditions:

  1. (i) Surgery should not have been carried out before 20 yrs of age
  2. (ii) Uncomplicated surgery at least 12 months before examination
  3. (iii) Axial length <25.0 mm by IOL Master or A scan
  4. (iv) Post LASIK corneal thickness measured by Pachymeter should not be less than 450 microns
  5. (v) Individuals with high refractive errors (>6D) prior to LASIK are to be excluded
  6. (vi) Normal retinal examination



  1. 1. These standards are laid down to assess the fitness of a candidate for selection to the Navy. The candidate must be in good physical and mental health and free from any defect likely to interfere with the efficient performance of duties both ashore and afloat under peace as well as war conditions in any part of the world.
  2. 2. During the inspection of candidates the following principal points are to be ensured :-
    1. (a) The hearing is good and that there is no sign of any disease of ear, nose or throat.
    2. (b) Vision in either eye is up to the required standard. His/her eyes are bright, clear and with no obvious squint or abnormality. Movements of eye balls should be full and free in all directions.
    3. (c) Speech is without impediment.
    4. (d) There is no glandular swelling.
    5. (e) Chest is well formed and that his/her heart and lungs are sound.
    6. (f) Limbs of the candidates are well formed and fully developed.
    7. (g) There is free and perfect action of all the joints.
    8. (h) There is no evidence of hernia of any degree or form.
    9. (j) Feet and toes are well formed.
    10. (k) Absence of any congenital malformation or defects.
    11. (l) He/she does not bear traces of previous acute or chronic disease pointing to an impaired constitution.
    12. (m) Presence of sufficient number of sound teeth for efficient mastication.
    13. (n) Absence of any disease of the Genito- Urinary tract.


Women Entry
Women are granted Short Service Commission (SSC) in:

  • Naval Architect
  • Law
  • Logistics
  • ATC
  • Aviation (Observer) & Education Branches.

The government has also given approval for Permanent Commission (PC) in Education, Law and Naval Architect branch on completion of SSC tenure depending upon merit and vacancy.

Executive Branch
As an officer of the Executive Branch one can exercise command of ships, submarines and aircraft. Executive officers can specialize in any of the following:-

  • Gunnery & Missiles
  • Navigation and Direction
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Communications
  • Pilot
  • Observer
  • Submarine
  • Hydrography
  • Diving

The other cadres that form part of the Executive Branch are –

  • Law
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Naval Armament Inspection and Logistics.

Engineering Branch
Modern ships, submarines and aircraft are fitted with advanced technology machinery and propulsion systems. As an Engineer Officer, you will be responsible for keeping all these Hi-tech systems serviceable. Opportunities exist to work in gigantic naval dockyards and indigenous production units. In no other career is an engineer exposed to such a wide spectrum of opportunities and to keep abreast of modern developments. An Engineer Officer’s career is interspersed with technical courses upto post graduation level in India/abroad. You can also join in the Naval Architecture Cadre of the Engineering Branch. The Indian Navy today employs the largest pool of trained Naval Architects in India. A Naval Architect is involved in design, construction, quality control, repair and new construction work of naval vessels. With the Navy going for more and more sophisticated warship production within the country, the Corps of Naval Architects offers excellent opportunities to keep abreast of the advancement in ship building technology and implement your innovative ideas.

Electrical Branch
A warship is a mini floating city with an integral power generation and distribution system. In addition, complex missile systems, underwater weapons, radar and radio communication equipment form major part of a warship’s equipment. A majority of these are either computer-based or computer aided and incorporate the latest trends in electronics engineering. For a ship to be able to fight effectively, all these equipment must be kept working at peak efficiency. Electrical Officers have this responsibility and other challenging tasks. To sharpen their skills, the Navy offers excellent opportunities for post-graduate courses in India/abroad to deserving candidates. Note: Officers of the Engineering and Electrical Branches can also volunteer for the Aviation/ Submarine Arm.

Education Branch

Any service will be as good as the training its officers and men receive. As an Education Officer you will play a major role in the training of naval officers/sailors. Education Officers are responsible for scientific and methodical instructions, including theoretical aspects of technical subjects of all branches of the navy and also for general education. An Education Officer can specialize in almost all specializations of the Executive Branch. In addition some officers also get specialization in Oceanography & Meteorology.


General Information About Sailor Recruitment Into Indian Navy
The Indian Navy, as one of the three wings of Indian Armed Forces has kept pace with ever changing advanced technologies and operates and maintains highly sophisticated ships, submarines and aircraft. The propulsion machinery, weapons, sensors and equipment on board these weapon platforms are operated and maintained by sailors, who are imparted with requisite training at various intervals during their service.

The initial basic training is given at INS Chilka, District-Khurda, Orissa. This is followed by further training at various Naval Establishments all over the country. Prior to release from service sailors are also given pre-release courses to enable them to settle down in civil life. Sailors in the Navy are liable to serve anywhere in India, on board ships and Submarines or abroad as deemed necessary by the service

Modern ships, submarines and aircraft of the Indian Navy are highly sophisticated and technologically advanced platforms. As a sailor of the executive branch, you will be involved with operating the state-of-art weapons, navigational systems, communication sets, diving equipment etc. Your duties will also involve the maintenance of the equipment you will be operating. Duties of the sailors from the executive branch include a thorough training in the art of seamanship operating weapon and sensors, look-out duties and boat work. Besides these general duties they can obtain qualification in any one of the disciplines of Gunnery & Missiles, Antisubmarine warfare, Navigation and Direction, Diving, Survey, Physical Trainer, Regulating, Logistics and Communication.

A warship/ submarine is fitted with its own power generation and distribution system. As an electrical sailor you have the responsibility of upkeep and maintenance of all electrical, electronics and weapons equipment of the Navy. Their job onboard ships and submarines is good as supplying and maintaining power to mini township.

The sailor of this branch are technicians and highly trained mechanicians who pride themself on keeping propulsion & auxiliary system running smoothly be it teh engines, the weapon system, the aircraft or the machinery systems. As an Engineering branch sailor you will operate and learn to keep all this equipment serviceable. Sailors of this branch is also trained in Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare & Damage Control including fire fighting.

You will form part of the special class of men, upon whose judgement, foresight, coolness and skill, the ship and those onboard depend for safety. You will be trained and made ready to grasp, the opportunities that the technology holds out. The rich experience offered in this field stands you in sound position for post – retirement settlement. Sailors of this branch have the option to join the submarine also.

This branch comprises of specialist sailors who are trained to maintain and handle different type of aircraft operating in the Navy- whether onboard ship or ashore. They also handle highly sophisticated aviation stores and do other precision jobs for which they get special allowances.

Those who yearn for the exclusive challenge of operating below the surface of the oceans in the highly technical, powerful submarines- join this elite branch. Such sailors have to meet high professional and medical standards. They are entitled to the special Submarine Allowance and Perks.

NOTE: Sailors from the Submarine arm and the flight crew of the Aviation arm are taken from various branches subject to their volunteering and clearing the aptitude test and the Submarine and Aviation medical standards.

Professionals who are trained in a wide range of medical skills to care for the sick and the injured….. with the full backup of the Naval hospital services. They have the opportunity to specialise in many fields like Physiotherapy, Advance Nursing, Radiography, Lab Assistant, Dental Operation Room Assistant and Blood Transfusion etc .

Advertisements for recruitment of Senior Secondary Recruit (SSR), Matric Recruit (MR), Musician (MUS), Non-Matric Recruit (NMR), Sports Entry and Artificer Apprentices (AA) is advertised in the Employment News and all leading National/Regional Newspapers in Dec/Jan and Jun/Jul every year.

The application form is published in the important Newspapers which may be used. The form in the prescribed format may be typed on plain paper or downloaded from this website. The application forms will be available on this site from the date of advertisement for the respective batch and type of entry. Candidates applying for more than one type of entry are required to submit separate applications. However, only one application form is to be filled for a particular entry. Choice of entry is to be clearly indicated on the application form. You can apply only for one entry between MR Cook / MR Steward/ NMR Topass in a batch. All applications for AA and SSR, MR, MUS, NMR are to be addressed to the authority promulgated. Application sent through agent will not be accepted. Applications are received only through Ordinary Post. Applications received through speed post/ registered post or couriers are rejected.

The following documents are to be punched and tied firmly with a strong thread to the application in the sequence as given below:-

  1. (a) Application is to be filled in capital letters with one recent Passport size photograph pasted at the top right corner and one spare recent Passport size photos with the candidate’s name written on the reverse attached along with the form (In the absence of recent photograph candidate will not be allowed to appear in the examination).
  2. (b) Attested copy (by Gazetted officer only, indicating name, designation and phone Numbers below signature) of the following certificates:-
    1. (i) Matric /equivalent certificate for verification of date of birth.
    2. (ii) Mark sheet and certificate of Diploma/Higher Board examination/ Matriculation as applicable.
    3. (iii) Domicile certificate.
  3. (c) Two self addressed envelopes of size 22 x 10 cms with Rs 10/- stamp affixed on one envelope and one envelope without stamp is to be submitted alongwith the application form.(White colour envelop for AA entry and brown colour for SSR/MR/NMR entry). On top of the envelope containing the application the Type of Entry, name of District, Percentage in exam and name of Exam passed is to be clearly written.

Example AA (130 BATCH)- KOCHI – 65 %- (10+2 Science)
SSR (2/2011 BATCH) -MUMBAI- 76% – (10+2 Science)

Shortlisting Short-listing of application is done on the basis of higher education and percentage of marks.

Presently the Indian Navy conducts recruitment for enrolling sailor recruits at 34 examination centres across the country. Candidates are permitted to appear for examination at one centre for recruitment in accordance with the domicile certificate issued by the District level Government authorities, e.g a candidate who possesses domicile of Maharastra would probably get Mumbai or Lonavla as examination centre. Similarly a candidate who possess domicile of Haryana, is likely to appear at Ambala. However, for administrative reasons and to give advantage to the aspirants, the scope of recruitment is made wider by accommodating more applicants, who are then allotted any suitable centre other than candidates state of domicile by IHQ MOD(Navy).

Eligible shortlisted candidates are sent Call-Up letters, indicating date, time and place for examination as scheduled. The shortlisted candidates can also download their admit card from this website.

Written exam is conducted at the designated centre on the promulgated date and time. The question paper will be bilingual (Hindi & English) and of objective type. The question paper will comprise of four sections for Artificer Apprentice, Senior Secondary Recruit entry and Matric Recruit entry i.e. English, Science, Mathematics and General Knowledge and will be of 60 minutes duration. In case of Non Matric entry the question paper will comprise of two sections i.e. Mathematics and General Knowledge and will be of 40 minutes duration. The candidates are required to pass in all sections and in aggregate. The syllabus for each type of entry is given in the download section.

PFT will consist of 1.6 Km run to be completed in 7 minutes, 25 squat ups (Uthak Baithak) and 10 Push-ups. Candidates undergoing PFT will do so at their own risk. The results of the Written Test are generally declared on the same day. Those who qualify Written Test are permitted to undergo PFT and only those who qualify PFT are taken for Medical Examination.

Entry level Medical standards are different for different entries. Medical examination will be conducted by authorised military doctors as per medical standard prescribed in current regulations applicable to sailors on entry. Candidates declared Temporary unfit during Medicals in the recruitment medical examination can avail specialist review from the specified Military hospital within a maximum period of 21 days. No further review/ appeal is permissible. Those candidates who are declared medically permanent unfit can appeal for specialist opinion in a Military Hospital on payment of Rs.40 by Military Receivable Order (MRO) in the Government Treasury within 21 days. Medical fitness certificate from other than that of the specialist opinion in the designated Military Hospital will NOT be considered. This whole process is generally completed on the same day but it may also take 3-4 days time depending on the service requirements or due to unforeseen contingencies.

An all India Merit List of all those candidates who are qualified in all respects will be prepared at IHQ MOD (Navy), New Delhi depending upon the numbers to be inducted. Out of this list the centre wise select list of candidates will be displayed in the respective Recruitment Centres.

All select list candidates who are issued with a call letter for Final Medical examination will be required to report to INS Chilka(Orissa) on the specified date to undergo a Final Enrolment Medical examination at INS Chilka prior to enrolment. Sleeper class rail/bus fare will be reimbursed on production of the ticket/receipt on reporting at INS Chilka. Candidates found UNFIT during this medical examination will not be enrolledfor training. No appeal is permitted for review after the final enrolment Medical Examination at INS Chilka. The final enrolment in the navy will be subject to the candidate clearing the final medical fitness at INS Chilka

  1. 1. Candidates who send more than one application for the same entry or apply for more than one examination centre will be disqualified.
  2. 2. The candidature of candidates selected is valid for the current batch only. All India Merit List pertaining to the advertised batch is valid ONLY for the advertised batch. Qualified candidates whose names do not appear in the final merit list cannot claim admission for the next batch. These candidates will have to undergo the selection procedure afresh provided they meet the eligibility criteria for the fresh batch.
  3. 3. Call letter for final medical examination will be forwarded only to medically qualified candidates in the select list. Unsuccessful candidates will not be intimated separately


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  • Visit us to get free career counselling.


CDS Coaching Contact Information

Name: Statesman Academy
Address: SCO 54-55, Floor 2nd, Sector 34- A, Chandigarh
Phone Number: 9780040991, 09780097554


Student Reviews

“I am very grateful to Statesman Academy for their perfect teaching. The meticulously designed course for General Studies and Maths helped me out of difficulties which I was facing during my NDA preparations. Mathematics teacher is incomparable as no one else can teach like her. Best NDA coaching Institute which I will strongly recommend.”
Thanks Statesman!!

Abhimanyu Thakur

“It was only after joining Statesman Academy, I realized that how a good teacher can change your entire perspective towards life. Personally I felt a significant development of my view of seeing things and aptitude abilities. I recommend STATESMAN ACADEMY for NDA-CDS COACHING.”
Thanks Statesman!!


“If you are looking for NDA and wants to gear up yourself for SSB, Statesman Academy is the ultimate destination. The teachers over here will lead you to do great things. Thank you Dilbagh Sir for this wonderful and life changing coaching experience. I must express thanks to STATESMAN ACADEMY for the values they bring in my life.”
Thanks Statesman!!

Harman Sandhu

“Attending classes at Statesman Academy has been an uplifting and motivating experience. The teachers over here give everything, share the secret ingredients of their knowledge, and put everything into perspective. Study Material is organized and thoroughly revised. I also thanks Col. Rajesh Tanwar for his motivation.”
Thanks Statesman!!

NDA- September 2015

“I would recommend Statesman Academy to anyone who is serious about NDA and career in Defence Forces. For written exam Mathematics and English were handled with great skill and accuracy. SSB guidance from Col. Tanwar was really inspirational. Thanks STATESMAN.”
Thanks Statesman!!

Puneet Singh

“Statesman Academy inspired me to work hard and achieve my target. Their teacher’s ability to produce consistently great work adds value to student’s efforts for the exam. Lectures for Mathematics proved a great help in NDA EXAM. Regular Test Series is superb.“
Thanks Statesman!!

Desh Raj Singh

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